Marie T.

Marie studied education in sunny southern California, and received her master's degree in working with special populations from USF. She has taught professionally and tutored for several years, always approaching her work with abounding joy, excitement, and energy! Marie played varsity volleyball for 4 years and was team captain. She loves to be outdoors, spend time with friends and family, go on hikes, and go to work every day!

Jake L.

Jake studied International Relations ('17) and is currently working towards his Master's degree. He has been a tutor for over 7 years and has always had a passion for teaching--originally applying to Stanford to become a teacher. He speaks 5 languages, won 4 state championships, earned many awards for his writing, is an EMT, and loves opening random doors to see what's on the other side.

Jenna F.

Jenna is an architecture major from Hawaii and has plans to coterm at Stanford as well. She is on the Stanford Women's Gymnastics team and has been an athlete her whole life. Jenna is able to tutor most subjects and works great with students. In her free time, Jenna enjoys surfing, hiking, and enjoying the great outdoors.

Gio J.

Gio is a senior studying Music and Computer Science. He is a very talented and accomplished musician, having put out several records. He has also won numerous awards for his work coding and writing software. With those two subjects as his fortes, he is also a highly skilled teacher and is able to explain ideas clearly and concisely. Gio is currently in the process of inventing a new sound control box.


Alex M.

Alex is a sophmore pursuing a double major in physics and computer science. He has developed many computer apps, was a presidential scholar, attained the rank of Eagle Scout, and hopes to one day build a quantum computer! Alex works well with more advanced students on their most difficult problems. In his free time, Alex enjoys acting, basketball, hiking, camping, rock climbing and more! And, of course, as a proud native of the Evergreen State, Alex loves to climb trees. He has not managed to climb a palm tree yet, but he hasn't given up!

Tyler C.

Tyler is a sophomore from Arlington, Illinois studying Economics and Finance, a field in which he has already garnered national recognition. Closer to home (on campus) he is already the CFO of the Stanford Economics Association. Since high school, Tyler has tutored a variety of subjects for many different ages at his school's Literacy Lab, and volunteer tutoring for low-income students. In his free time Tyler enjoys playing basketball, spike ball, soccer, and reading about investment strategies and theology.

Garrett S.

Garrett studied Human Biology and is going to graduate school to study Exercise Physiology. Garrett has in depth teaching experience and spent this past quarter as a teaching assistant in the Biology department. He is also a pole vaulter on the track team, has won 3 state championships, and hopes to qualify for the olympics. Garrett also loves to surf and is passionate about promoting health and well-being.

George P.

George is a Junior from the East Coast, majoring in physics and CS. Of Stanford’s 7000 undergraduate students, George was named one of the top 120, and awarded the distinguished Dean’s Award. This comes as no surprise, as George scored 5’s on all 8 AP tests he took in high school, and was an SAT National Achievement Scholar. Somewhere between all that studying, he also found time to become a record-holding sprinter! Be sure to ask him about his interesting summer experiences as well. George is a joy to work with thanks to his level headed demeanor, and you will quickly see his skills as a tutor as well!

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